Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Ornament Gifts

Since the year 2009 I have crocheted a Christmas ornament to give out with Christmas cards for our family members, neighbors and friends.  I really like doing this!  It’s not terribly expensive, because these small ornaments don’t take much yarn and the patterns I’ve used are free!  I can recommend all of these patterns to use for your gifts this Christmas.  They work up quick and look great! 

Christmas Ornament Gifts - AnnaVirginia Fashion

Below are listed the ornaments I crocheted, along with the pattern link and its author (may require Ravelry login to download a PDF):

2013: Christmas Stocking by Doris Chan

Christmas Ornament Gifts - AnnaVirginia Fashion

2012: Christmas Star by Leonie Morgan

Christmas Ornament Gifts - AnnaVirginia Fashion

2011: Penguin Ornament by Claire Sibley

Christmas Ornament Gifts - AnnaVirginia Fashion

2010: Santa Ornament by Lion Brand Yarn (I love this one!)

Christmas Ornament Gifts - AnnaVirginia Fashion

2009: Snowflake Ornament by Sally Ives

Christmas Ornament Gifts - AnnaVirginia Fashion

Also, in 2012 I wrote a pattern for a crochet “Peg” Nativity Pieces.  They are great for gifts for kids and help them have their own nativity to tell the Christmas story! 

Christmas Ornament Gifts - AnnaVirginia Fashion

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Owl Outfit

I made a cute outfit for my newborn for Halloween, but it would make a cute outfit for any newborn photo shoot.  (By the way, I’ve pixelated my baby’s face to discourage breach of copyright and inappropriate use.)

 AnnaVirginia Fashion: Owl Outfit

The owl hat is made using a pattern that I’m writing (it’s been in the works for a few years, but it’s finally progressing! Hopefully I’ll be able to publish it in the next few months).  I love the giant eyes on it!

AnnaVirginia Fashion: Owl Outfit

For the “feathers” I made a short wrap/blanket.  The feathers are made in a pretty new technique called “crocodile stitch.”  It’s a little bit tricky and slightly time consuming, but it makes an impressive piece.  You can learn how to do it at Lost and Found Lane.  To wear the “feathers,” I just wrapped the blanket around my baby so that the folded-over part is in back.  Isn’t she adorable?

AnnaVirginia Fashion: Owl Outfit

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Baby Mittens DIY

Have you ever noticed that babies have scratchy little fingernails?  And yet their nails are soft, so they are hard to trim.  A helpful solution are baby mittens!  And they are cuter than the socks I kept on my two first kids, hah.  But I’ve had a hard time finding any at the store, so I decided to make my own.  This way I used some scrap fabrics I had and upcycled a couple old t-shirts.  I used a handy tutorial provided by Speckled Owl StudioFollow this link to access the instructions!
Baby Mittens DIY - AnnaVirginia FashionBaby Mittens DIY - AnnaVirginia Fashion
Here’s how mine turned out; I think they are cute!
Baby Mittens DIY - AnnaVirginia Fashion
The white pair are made with woven cotton rose fabric for the outside, yellow flannel for the lining, and old t-shirt rib knit for the bands.
Baby Mittens DIY - AnnaVirginia Fashion
The teal pair are made with rosebud flannel, yellow flannel for the lining, and old t-shirt rib knit for the bands.
Baby Mittens DIY - AnnaVirginia Fashion
The pink and black pair are made with woven cotton gingham check, thick stretch knit for the lining, and a thin stretch knit for the bands. 
I think the tutorial does a great job explaining how to piece together these tiny creations.  The hardest part was sewing everything together, mainly because the seam is so narrow, but you want them narrow enough for a baby’s wrist.  I highly recommend this pattern!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bedskirt Madness: Number 3

This is the last post about my sudden need to put skirts on all the beds!  This might be the most unique of all of my bed-skirting, mainly because I decided to put a skirt on a bunk bed.  I don’t think most bunk beds get bed skirts!Bedskirt Madness - AnnaVirginia Fashion

With a new baby arriving, I had to get creative with storage space, and there is plenty of space under the lower bunk in the kid room.  I’ve used a bunch of diaper boxes to pack up baby clothes from my two kids to save for future babies.  Well, now I want access to them since babies go through each size of clothes very quickly!  Those boxes fit great under the bed, but didn’t look pretty, so I had to come up with a way to cover them.

Bedskirt Madness - AnnaVirginia FashionBedskirt Madness - AnnaVirginia Fashion

A bunk bed doesn’t work with any bed skirts from the store.  The bed has rails and posts and ledges that make a traditional bed skirt unusable.  So, for this project I sewed up a skirt that used ties to attach to the rails.  I measured everything out to make sure it would go on perfectly.  It turned out pretty nice!  Hopefully you can see the ties in these pictures above and below.Bedskirt Madness - AnnaVirginia Fashion

I used some fabric from my stash that worked well enough with the colors in their room.  The yellow gingham checkers works out pretty well, and gets rid of some fabric that I don’t have any other use for!  The lighting wasn’t the greatest, unfortunately. But you can get the idea of how well it turned out.

Bedskirt Madness - AnnaVirginia Fashion

Have you ever seen a bunk bed with a bed skirt?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bedskirt Madness: Number 2

Here is another bed skirt I suddenly had to make (comes from the fact that I’m pregnant and “nesting!” when I wrote this post).  This twin bed used to have a bed skirt, but I’d donated it to the local second-hand store when I couldn’t get it to stay straight on the box spring once I laid the mattress on top.  I’d seen a few (very few!) posts about people making Velcro or pin-able bed skirts that should stay put better when the mattress is placed on top.  I decided I would do something along these lines for this twin bed.

Bed Skirt Madness - AnnaVirginia Fashion

I have some shiny, satin-type fabric that I bought a while ago for a different project that never happened.  I had no idea what to do with this fabric.  It was about three yards by 60 inches wide, so I had a lot!  I cut it into thirds lengthwise (the drop for the bed is about 17 inches, so it was perfect to allow for a seam allowance when cut).  Then I attached those long pieces together and started hemming.  I used another fabric for the part that sits on the box spring.  It was just scraps that I had and worked out perfectly.

Bed Skirt Madness - AnnaVirginia Fashion

I gathered all that gold fabric (that took a while!  It was so much fabric!) and then attached it all together to the “hidden” fabric.  Then I rounded up a bunch of safety pins and attached it to the box spring.  I found that the more safety pins I used, the better.  That helps the skirt to hang as evenly as possible around the bed.  I think it turned out nice!  And stays put much better!

Bed Skirt Madness - AnnaVirginia Fashion

Here are some sites with tutorials to make something similar, in case you’re interested:

House on Hill Road – Bed Skirt using Twist Pins

Trends and Traditions – Bed Skirt Tutorial

Southern Hospitality – Lauren’s Easy Bedskirt Tutorial