Saturday, June 28, 2014

Baby Christening/Blessing Gown

AnnaVirginia Fashion - Blessing GownAnnaVirginia Fashion - Blessing Gown
Our third baby will be arriving in about three more months!  We’re pretty excited for her to join our family.

I’ve made a crochet Christening or Blessing Gown for her to wear!  Isn’t it cute?  I think it turned out great! 

A little about the dress: I made it using Red Heart Shimmer yarn in Snow.  It took just under two skeins to finish it, and I still had enough left over for a pair of booties (pattern coming soon!).AnnaVirginia Fashion - Blessing Gown
The sparkling in the yarn is subtle, but it adds just the right amount of fanciness to the dress.  Since the dress has a lot of open lacework, she will be wearing a slip underneath.

I love the pineapple stitch pattern!  I’ve never done pineapple stitch patterns before, and I think it looks beautiful.  I definitely recommend this pattern! It’s called Newborn Sophia Heirloom Dress and is available through Ravelry for $4.00 (USD).

I’m including a list of great patterns for free and for a small price, just in case you’re looking for a pattern to use for your new girl!

Cutest Crochet Baby Gowns -patterns-

1. Newborn Sophia Heirloom Dress for $4.00 by Briana K Crochet
2. Pink Powderpuff Baby Dress Set for $4.00 by Susan Cassidy
3. Kaitlyn’s Baby Blessing Dress for $4.95 by Sunset Crochet and Quilt
4. Cute Dress with Flower Motifs for FREE by Ivey Alex
5. Heirloom Baby Set – Dress for FREE by Red Heart Design Team
6. Ribbon & Lace Infant Dress for $4.00 by Kate Wagstaff

Friday, June 6, 2014

Chevron Twin Afghans


I decided that I wanted matching bedspreads for my kids’ bunk bed in their shared room.  I found a free pattern on Ravelry that was almost big enough for a twin bed that I really liked.  Chevron throws and afghans have been popular lately and so I really wanted to make some. 

I had intended to do solid colors, but I took my kids with me to pick out the yarn.  I wanted to do white with another color so that the blankets coordinated.  So the kids picked their preferred yarn at the store and my daughter picked Red Heart Super Saver Purple Tones and my son picked Red Heart Super Saver Camo Mirage.  The white yarn is Red Heart Super Saver White.  I love that the acrylic yarns these days are softer than they were in the past.  I have acquired several vintage yarns from my late grandmothers and those acrylic yarns are so scratchy!


The pattern calls for a beginning chain of 239, but to make it wide enough for a twin bed, I started with a chain of 281.  And then followed the pattern to make the first rows.  I didn’t do the striping like the pattern suggested.  Instead I did eight even rows of each color.  I started and ended with white for both afghans. 

I love the way the stitch pattern is done.  It makes the blanket lightweight enough for warmer weather and still without openwork that would let in the cooler weather.  It’s a great all-season afghan!


Overall, I love how they turned out and definitely recommend the pattern.  The kids love them, too!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Penguin Pal

DSC_7792If you remember, I posted about a set of fleece blankets I made for my kids a while back, as well as a monkey to match my son’s blanket.  Well, I said back then that I was going to make a penguin to match my daughter’s blanket. 

I made it in time for her birthday which was back in November, but I’m finally getting to tell you about it. 

The penguin has a pink beak and pink feet.  Doesn’t he look liked he’d waddle if he could walk?  My daughter has decided to name him “Penguino,” which is Spanish for penguin.  He’s a boy in spite of the pink accents.  He’s got a face to match the applique from the blanket.

I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn in Cream, Black and Pink.  The scarf used Parfait and Mixed Berries. It turned out way cute and he’s good for snuggling.  I also made him a hat that matches the scarf, but it disappears.  Maybe I should have sewn it on!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Purse Please

Purse Please - AnnaVirginia FashionI’m sorry I’m taking for ever to post!  I am three months pregnant and I’ve been exhausted!  But I’m going to write this up quick and get it online.

I have a friend that I made a purse for a couple years ago.  Actually, I’m looking at the time stamp on the pictures and it was in March 2010, so FOUR years ago!  Anyway, this friend emailed me and told me her bag had died and needed to be replaced.  Could I make her another just like it?  I love this bag pattern; it’s a version I modified of an out-of-print Simplicity bag pattern.

The purse is a shoulder bag with the strap being tied in a cute knot on top.  The bag is deep and has a variety of custom pockets that she requested.  The outside of this bag is made with nearly two yards of home décor fabric and the lining is made with regular woven cotton. 

Last time she had me put a 20-ounce-size water bottle pocket inside the bag, but this time she didn’t need that.  Instead she wanted two pockets that would fit her phone and another that was zippered.  On the outside, I was to do the pockets the same way as last time.  She picked out the fabric from  Isn’t it pretty?  It’s a home décor fabric so it’s more durable and looks great.

Okay, so the bag is finished and looks amazing!  I’ll show you some of the pictures of the bag from four years ago and the new one.  The old pictures look terrible (the lighting was not good).  Fortunately, for the sake of your eyes, I’m getting better at taking photos!

The Bag from Four Years Ago:

Purse Please - AnnaVirginia FashionPurse Please - AnnaVirginia FashionPurse Please - AnnaVirginia Fashion

The New, Beautiful Bag!

Purse Please - AnnaVirginia FashionPurse Please - AnnaVirginia FashionPurse Please - AnnaVirginia Fashion

What custom pockets do you wish you had in your bag or purse?  I love making my own bags so that the pockets are just how I want them.  But if you don’t sew, I can make that custom bag for you.  Message me for an estimate on a purse for yourself!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Christmas Stockings

AnnaVirginia FashionMy first post for the new year!

I decided it was time for some new stockings to be hung in our home for Christmases to come.  I looked all through Ravelry to see if I might find a pattern that would be a good starting point for me (If you’ve read my blog, you know I usually modify whatever pattern I’m following).

I found a stocking pattern that was just right!  It’s from Bernat Design Studio and is a free pattern.  It’s called “Cross Stitch Christmas Stockings.”  If you click on the link, you will have access to a free PDF download.  Of course you’ll need an updated version of Adobe Reader to view the PDF.  The pattern is only available in English and it’s written in US AnnaVirginia Fashioncrochet terms.

I made sure to get yarn for each of the ten stockings that closely matched the thickness of the other yarns used.  If it varied enough (making a stocking substantially bigger or smaller than the other stockings), then I switched the hook size to get the same dimensions while doing the same number of stitches.  Keeping the stitch count the same meant that the cross stitch pictures would be the same size.

Knit Cuff

This pattern starts with the cuff and works its way down.  My husband requested a fold-over cuff and I wanted the cuff to be knit (instead of slip-stitch crochet).  I worked it with circular size 10 needles; that way I didn’t have to do any sewing.  So I started the pattern like this:

With Color A

Cast on: 92.  KK, PP, around for 10 rnds.  Cast off.  Don’t break yarn.


Rnd 1:Ch 1. Sc in between each KK or PP section around so that you have 46 sc.  Sl st to first sc. Turn.

Rnd 2: Ch 1. In back loops only, sc in each st.  Sl st to first sc. Turn.

Rnd 3: Ch 1. In front loops only, sc in each st.  Sl st to first sc. Turn.

Rnd 4: Ch 1. (In both loops) Sc in each st.  Sl st to first sc. Switch to Main Color.

AnnaVirginia Fashion

Crochet Portion

Follow the pattern from “Leg” rounds.  Be sure to end each color-section on the wrong side (WS) even if the pattern doesn’t specify to.  It seems like it was a detail they forgot to type in because it definitely gives the stocking a cleaner look.

I noticed that I continuously needed to modify the pattern at one point (I did make this stocking 10 times…).  I’m not sure if I kept making the same mistake or if its an error, but here is what I had to do:

In the “Shape heel” section, 6th row, I had to do this (bold signifies the change): Ch 1. 1 sc in each of first 13 sts.  Sc2tog. Sc in next 2 sc. Turn.

Next, I attached the Joining rnd in the Main Color on the back of the stocking: 

This meant that I attached it to the heel base that was on the back (same side as the “seam” from the leg).  Then I did 7 sc up the side of the heel, 15 sc across the end of the heel, 7 sc down the other side of the heel and 23 sc in the instead. 

Cross Stitch Detail

I used the three included cross stitch patterns, with only modifying colors AnnaVirginia Fashionas needed.  For example, I did a yellow hat on the snowman and I put a yellow “star” on top of the tree.  I used the snowman pattern and re-worked the colors for a penguin (shown above).  For the snowflake and reindeer, I did a image search online for “simple christmas cross stitch patterns” and got some ideas.  Of course, I modified those as well.

I think that is all of the modifications I made.  If you want to see the individual pictures of each of the stockings, please visit my Ravelry project details. Also, let me know if I left anything out or if you have questions.

Do you make your own handmade Christmas stockings?  If you do, I’d love for you to link your blog posts below so I can see!

AnnaVirginia FashionAnnaVirginia FashionAnnaVirginia Fashion